he died alone in a field one summer morning while dreaming of the moon.

six weeks later, a sunflower grew out of his head.

welcome to the goatzone : )

i'm stefan, notorious goatposter. i play a lot of video games and i hoard a little data.

the real papyrus from undertale was kind enough to certify my typing ability, so you know i'm good at that shit.

i play a whole lot of FFXIV, you can see my search info page on the sidebar.

i'm a spry little lad of 19, i'm very smart and a millionaire and swathes of women bathe me with roses and feed me grapes

i've never eaten a pizza or a taco, or a burrito, or a lot of things. nut allergy means i mostly stuck to shit i knew for comfort

if you want something i have eaten, kievs. kievs are great, cheese and ham sauce kievs, not the garlic ones. the garlic ones are entirely different and they suck

don't care if they're the traditional experience the traditional experience can fuck itself

weep to me about the autoplay and i'll throw rocks at your head

you can contact me via stefan@goatzone.net or on discord - Goatzone#2112

come on in

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