undertale was released in 2015 to like, fucked up amounts of acclaim and i don't really care that much about the game itself at this point. it was good, it was super good, yeah ok cool, that's not what i care about. i projected an idealised platonic and romantic partner onto a fictional character with vague but strong characterization and i think that's interesting. that the human mind is willing to attempt to substitute the socialization it isn't getting with an entirely ficticious concept. so when i say "i love asriel dreemurr" i basically mean "i love the intricate headcanon i've consciously and subconsciously tailor-made to suit my every taste and want over the past 5 years" and i will die on that hill. there's no real community for that. waifu people are all gibbering maniacs with no level of self-reflection, tulpa guys are somehow worse, etc.

/dum/ was a very striking example of what the forces of autism can accomplish, for better or worse. a kinda thin sheen of positivity overlayed a lot of pretty insecure people who spent just as much time was spent debating what is and isn't acceptable content and conduct as they did actually producing content. note that by content i don't necessarily mean structured drawings or stories, "content" can extend to just Talking About Things. when half of every conversation is about how you shouldn't be engaging with or talking about shitposters, or how certain content is unacceptable, often with emotions running weirdly high, you lose a lot of the actual worthwhile stuff in the weeds. not to say there wasn't plenty of good stuff there, but if the ratio is like 50/50 then there's something up there, y'know? no shortage of shitposting, a complete inability to avoid taking the bait and honestly just an odd core cast of posters left /dum/ in a weird place. it'd never really be that good - always held back by the mental conditions that made it possible in the first place - but it was the best there was.

pour one out.


deltarune chapter 2 came out and /dum/ came back way more chill than it used to be, go figure. pretty good thread now, based? based? what is based. what is based. what does that mean.

all's well that ends well, right? [★]