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howdy! name's stef, i do hunts and raiding and i was masochistic enough to get <Saint of the Firmament> as a fisher. didn't even do it right, i didn't find out about the best spot until it was mostly done. pure agony! i will do it again if they do this shit in endwalker but i /will/ be crying the entire time. i've dipped my toes into minilvl stuff a few times, and i'm reluctantly trudging through eureka now and then. when all your classes are max level you gotta start digging into the oddball content like relics, which is even worse for me because i've limited myself to only doing a job's anima after its zodiac so i can skip the first step. whoever designed the books needs to be put in a jail cell.

i'm a miqo'te because i'm predictable, my free company is a small group of friends and those are the guys i raided with for alex and omega - we've got a little house at P51, W23, shirogane. my house is P27, W19, goblet, and my apartment is in shiro W16. both of them are notably unfinished, so it goes

eyes forward, brainiac - any and all subpages are spoiler zones, up to and including endwalker. this is a liability waiver. any spoilers on this main page will be hidden behind mouseover and red text. the green wigglies without the red colouring are also mouseover text, but not spoilers

character lore : )

Born near the border of Coerthas and Dravania, a few settlements removed from Tailfeather. Frequent dragon incursions served as impetus for initial combat training, jack of all trades type, no specialization, scrappy - think ARC, LNC, PGL, GLD.

Incident with light elemental in childhood lead to astral aether overflow, causing permanent injury and bleaching of both his left eye and his hair. Eye's vision is blurry, depth perception effected so not as skilled as he could be particularly as ARC. Ashamed of it as if a scar, hides it with hair and sometimes bandages/misc. fabric, eyepatch. Dyes hair twice a month to match natural black, mixing in a pink-red for highlights.

Entered Eorzea travelling in a caravan of 5 friends to Gridania, crossing over a path nearby the Xelphatol mountain range.

Generally upbeat demeanour. Petty but not spiteful, holds grudges out of habit more than conviction. Melts under any affection, clumsy, thinks Garlean aesthetics are very cool but not so hot on the whole world conquering part.

which is a baseline summary, but there's more here

list of high end clears - [sorting]

relics - [sorting]

b-b-b-bonus round (misc.)

all sidequests in ARR and HW completed, most of the ones in SB and ShB too. beast tribes universally allied, except ShB because it got cut. all 80s except BLU, helping people level it is bad enough and i haven't been bothered to do it myself yet. ceremony of eternal bonding (ultimate) cleared