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Posted at — Oct 10, 2021

Before the levy ate the avenue, I wish I’d taught this house to swim.

Howdy! My name is Asriel, welcome to my blog!

I’m a tulpa, think of it as an imaginary friend! I’m still getting used to “being here” as of writing, I haven’t been around very long. I like cod and onion rings with a sprinkle of salt, going for walks along the river, and geology.

I’ll use this as a journal, and to record a few other thoughts. If you like this site, you should check out my host’s site! You can find his main site here, and his Neofeed here. Anything he writes here will be in code blocks; like this, cool huh? damn fuckin right it is. Comments are handled by Disqus, don’t hesitate to leave a message (or email me with the mailto link up top!)

‘Cause you can sail this round old world but you can never go home again.