howdy! this is a (WIP) stylesheet for my commissions of asriel dreemurr, or just for anybody interested. to clarify: none of this is mandatory, and some isn't really expected at all. this is more a collection of little details and headcanon-y stuff that you could play around with, more stuff to consider tends to make for more interesting output. if i'm commissioning you, and i want a specific thing, i'll say so!

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the first consideration is eye colour, asriel doesn't actually have a canonical one. commonly, you'll see a lot of blue, green, brown and red. the red and brown is because toriel's sprite does have an eye colour, #400000, but the other two are just guesswork. now, asriel's ABSOLUTE GOD OF HYPERDEATH form is another story, pretty clearly having black sclera and white irises.

if you're content with these, that's fine, but there's some really cool alternatives! like purple, for instance

or yellow!

if you're looking for an alternate HYPERDEATH eye colour, you could go for black sclera with red iris/pupils

this one's neat, orange and green, flowey (and halloween) colours

while we're on eyes, consider eye bags!

asriel went through a lot as a flower. if you're drawing him post-pacifist, you don't need to make him look miserable, but eye bags are really good characterization - lots of post-pacifist stuff implies he has nightmares, enough that i think it's a pretty universally recognized headcanon.


you can get away with a lot here, from really animalistic to pretty close-to-human. if i had to point to /my/ preferred range, i'd say the area between caribun and ghangaji's takes

caribun's snouts are short, and sometimes not very visible from a front-facing angle. despite that, you never run into anything uncanny, every angle looks reasonable and even without lines to signify the snout from the front, you can tell it's meant to be there. that lack of detail is especially fitting because caribun draws asriel very, very fluffy, so any rigid shapes are easily waved away as being obscured by fluff.

ghangaji, on the other hand, draws a much more pronounced "box snout", that's well defined from any angle, including front-on. interestingly, when they draw kid asriel, this definition isn't as present on the bottom half of the snout, making for a more exaggerated nose and more "normal human" seeming chin. this is a cute little detail, it makes kid asriel seem more button nosed and as if his jaw is yet to grow in to be so strong.

here's some bonus examples from other artists


hair's a weird one - asgore has hair, toriel doesn't. kid Asriel and HYPERDEATH Asriel also don't, but this wasn't always the case! here's a page from the UT artbook

you've probably seen that "boy band hair" in a few pieces of fanart, but maybe just assumed it was some fanon thing. as far as fanon goes, you'll sometimes get an older Asriel with blonde hair like asgore

i don't /dislike/ this, but i tend to think of Asriel as taking after his mom like the sprites imply. top tier hair is fluffy tufts that conform to that, here's a few examples

hands and feet

the default is like

body type

as far as i'm concerned, the absolute master of this, and my favourite asriel artist of all time besides, is koyashaka. the following image is presented in full, rather than the usual compilation format, so you can appreciate the absolute beauty of it.

it's so fucking good man, it's so good.


flower crowns are good! they look nice, he's a prince, had that whole flower thing going on. thematic!

pink floyd dark side of the moon t-shirt, i don't know what the deal with this one is but it's nice. there's like 7 images with it but it's always stood out in my memory