you're a freak. you create baffling, horrible things and put them out into the world. except you don't put them out, because that'd destroy your public image, wouldn't it? and if that happens then you're gonna have a little freakout, that's not good for you or your audience, and if /i'm/ a part of that audience then i'm gonna curl up into a ball and start weeping openly. a thousand thousand artists have nuked all their output in a panic because they got got, and i can't reasonably archive even a fraction of them. this guide is presented so that i don't have to bother trying, because trying is liable to cut a few years off my lifespan. you wanna make a second account and get away with it? here's a few tips:

[sniffling, crying, cum pouring out of my sinuses] i have to (DISCLAIMER) that it's a bad thing to do bad things and if you do them you go to hell, okay? p-please don't draw parappa the rapper getting his head chopped off mid-orgasm or a horse fucking the like-like from ocarina of time, sir

let's take the dumbest example possible: animatedjames. this guy was a youtube animator, put out videos with MLP characters singing michael jackson songs, real innocuous mild-mid autistic fandom guy shit. where does he put his secret fetish account? deviantart. not an awful move, nobody uses the fuckin site anymore, but it also limits you immensely because you can't post porn or gore or generally fucked shit. so what is the awful move? he named his account "weirdoanimatedjames". literally put his username in the username. guy bailed on the public forum entirely after people found this account, it was just like, SFW sonic fart images. real low bar, but here's a principle: figure out how badly you don't want people to know about it and proceed accordingly. if you feel so strongly that you'd leave your semi-successful internet position entirely and just quietly update your webcomic for the rest of time, try not to make it so obvious, retard.

example 2, and this is still a real example: let's say you're a little more sneaky about it. you post your weirdest shit in a personally vetted telegram chat, you post some more acceptable but still let's say "non-mainstream" work to a public alt and then you post your regular stuff to your main account. this is a decent workflow, if you're a moron. see the issue? "personally vetted telegram chat" means all of the people in there know exactly who you are and what you draw, so if they ever decide to leak for any reason, ever, you're fucked. this isn't unlikely. people online, and especially in art communities, are schizoaffective at the best of times. so maybe you only bring people in from your more risque alt, right? statistically, you're a dumbass, and you've either admitted that you're the same person at some point in the past, or you're in the business of making alts of your mainline images or using your recognizable characters. you'll have to drop that, do some redesigning, and make original pictures for your vocation

of course, all that work is worthless if if people can intuitively identify and tag your alt images with your main username. artstyles are easy to pick out once you know the hallmarks, and you have fingerprints. maybe you have a pet eye colour, maybe you draw clothes in a certain way, who knows. start by changing how you draw hands and certain facial features, then use a different brush or at least wiggle your brush settings around. it doesn't have to appeal entirely to your aesthetics if you value privacy foremost. move on from there, cultivate an alternate style that's close enough but not quite on the money so you can say you're just inspired

here's the real autistic shit. change the way you type, and publicly say you're different people. address it in some way, maybe have the accounts interact offhandedly in an authentic-seeming manner with plausible deniability so nobody gets on your case for interacting with a full on sex-addicted maniac. it was accidental, you just didn't look at their profile first. i mean that typing style shit, here's an example: i type all lowercase, i use a lot of commas rather than end my sentences outright, i often type a lot of characters - i use hyphens like that, nobody else does that. if i'm replying to myself on an imageboard i'll append (Me) to the post number, something i picked up from seeing it a few times. i use british spellings for most things, like colour and aeroplane, but americanize certain words like mom over mum. despite the lack of capitalisation, i always use apostrophes, and i commonly use "and"s or "but"s after commas. despite punctuation guides saying otherwise, i will usually place a period that is not part of the quote outside of the quotation marks. "this is an example". i use hyphens to combine words and imply connection whenever i can, and i flip-flop between dropping the second S in something like "chris's" and keeping the second S in "chris'" intact. style guides conflict on this one, so i go with the flow, and i don't end paragraphs with a period unless it's for effect.

this is just the stuff i'm aware of. if i can observe the quirks of my typing and create a profile, so can anyone else who cares to do so. say you type like me, what's a good way to blend in? Well you should start capitalizing and using exclusively American spelling and you should go without punctuation for long stretches. When you do try to avoid commas when possible and shorten your words. I like to use long words for emphasis and style and procision when i write so use short words, also do not be a fraid of typos or inconsistensies. I put al ot of effort into proof reading before I send something but many people do not. Many people will type fast and not check over very thoroughkly at all. If you can give the impression you are ESL or English Second Language (your first language is not eNglish) by using un natural sounding word choices then you are off to a good start. some of these things apply generally but a lot of them are tailored to me, adjust. if you capitalize, don't. if you don't use much punctuation, start. if you say "firstly" and "secondly" replace them with A: and B:, or 1: and 2:. be conscious of it and keep a style guide in writing so you don't fuck it up. if you suddenly start talking entirely differently people will think something is up

follow these guidelines with a few additions of your own and you're basically golden, you fucking degenerate

if, for whatever reason, you fuck this up and end up having a meltdown anyway, don't delete your work i swear to god stop deleting your profile leave it up if you want to leave then leave but every time a gallery dies i pop an artery, please. i at least understand if the shit you're deleting is the alt but wiping your main with like 200 drawings because you got caught drawing fringe pervert content isn't a, well it is a valid decision, you're the artist and you have ultimate control over how you present everything you put out, up to and including the full removal of it all. but i'll be pissed! i'll be mad about it online! you need to consider this before performing any action in life. if @MichaelWilliams1993 would call you a slur for doing it don't do it, never do anything, live in constant paralysis of judgement and just jerk off all day and shit your pants. if anybody tries to tell you this isn't healthy kill them and bury them in your backyard, if you don't have a backyard just turn yourself in to the cops