there's some gibbering maniacs out there on the web, and some of them make video content. some of them make /really long/ video content. that's a little fucked up, huh? imagine watching a video longer than 10 minutes! yeah yeah i'll can the disingenuous shtick, but a lot of popular longform video essays are pretty garbage. the big issue is that the "internet movie review video" has been solidified in the zeitgeist as recapping the film in its entirety. nostalgia critic turned cinema sins turned gamergate guy,nitpicking for comedic or very serious purposes and oftentimes being intentionally obtuse in service of that effect.

the primary persona non grata here is MauLer,

actually good longform video essays - steak bentley Metal Gear Solid 4 was a Mistake, Running Shine | YIIK Review